Recomend me a machine shop nearby

Recomend me a machine shop nearby


Not a bike related post but the tools are the same. Can anyone recommend an engineering shop on Dublin southside – Sandyford area, that could drill two 12 mm holes and put a 45 degree bevel into a hard plastic? I could attack it with my Aldi cordless drill but I’ve only one shot at this and google is not being the most helpful. A bench drill, the correct bit and whatever is used to bevel a hole is all that is needed! A mate in the UK said he could do it in 60 seconds and that includes putting the drill bit in!

Any suggestions? thankyou :bikerie:

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Tyre pressure – rule of thumbL hot v cold ?

Tyre pressure – rule of thumbL hot v cold ?

(Not sure if Ive asked this before, if I have apologies)

Read this a while back:

Bike Tyre Pressure Setting – 10% rule

MY manual recommends 32 PSI front solo. I run 36. I found this out by testing as follows:

Inflate tire to cold pressure.

Run the bike a minimum of 20 minutes.

Check hot pressure. It should increase 10%.

If its less you need less air.

If its more you need more air.

Do this in 2 lb increments.

I presume the pressure rise when hot comes from friction between the tyre and the road, and a degree of flexing of the carcass itself. Based on the above, it would look like you can gauge whether the tyre is working properly by the temp/pressure rise between cold and hot.

Does that ring true – could you use that to find out what pressures you should be running for your tyres, your own riding style and weight ?

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Temp gauge not working

Temp gauge not working

So my temp gauge isn’t working. A few places to look for the problem I think but looking for opinions…

Fuse – do single gauges have individual fuses? I don’t have a fuse box diagram so I’m flying blind.

Coolant sensor – as it’s an old girl I’m sure this sensor is well beyond its best days. Not having any luck finding one online and I’m wondering if the sensor was shared across a number of models – mine is an ’89 ZX1000B, it’s possible the same component was used in a number of Kwack models around that time – GPZ900, GPZ1000, ZZR1100 etc.

Thermostat? How would I test it?

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07 Yamaha R1 – Rough Idle

07 Yamaha R1 – Rough Idle

I have a 2007 Yamaha R1 and the idle has gone pretty crappy after a recent track day.

The bike runs perfectly above about 3,000 RPM.

At idle though it’s pretty rough. When it’s cold the idle is a little higher and sounds perfect. Then when it warms up a bit it starts to idle low and rough to the point of nearly stalling. Also, it’s a little sluggish in 1st gear up to about 3,000 RPM. After that it’s perfect.

It has an akrapovic exhaust, exup valve is removed, 02 sensor still in. I’ve had this bike for years with the same setup and the idle has always been fine up until now. It just developed this problem in the last month.

Stuff I’ve tried.

1. I changed all the plugs. No change.

2. I changed the O2 sensor, No change.

I recently tested all of the coils and they were fine.

At this point I’m happy to take it to someone to try to figure it out. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for someone who knows how to troubleshoot R1 idle issue.

Note: the 2007 R1 was the first with a fly-by-wire throttle, so there is no way to manually adjust he idle that I’ve been able to find.

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Warranty that will cover Ireland?

Warranty that will cover Ireland?

Hi there,

Does anyone have any details of a warranty that will cover a second hand motorbike in Ireland? I see a lot of the UK dealers offer them with second hand bikes but they only cover Northern Ireland. Is there anyone offering warranties that cover down South? The bike is a 2013 R1 with 9k miles. Thanks in advance.

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Spongy brakes?

Spongy brakes?

How are we people?

Just thought that I would reinforce the old trick of tying back your brake lever overnight after bleeding your brakes, especially if you have a bit of a spongy lever. Did it last night on my FJR 1300 after replacing the front hoses, lever was coming back to the bar but no more air coming out of the nipples even after an hour of bleeding. Completely sorted by morning, lever is much more solid and feel is much better than before.

Also tried it with the XJ600 to see if it would improve at all and it actually made a huge difference.

Basically all you have to do it tie back the lever using a cloth or a cable tie if you dont mind marking the grip and leave it for 8 to 12 hours. If it is still bad afterwards, you may have a fluid leak or a master cylinder seal issue.

So believe the hype. It really does work.

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