For Sale : Triumph 675 race bike

For Sale : Triumph 675 race bike

Bike Make : Triumph

Bike Model :Daytona 675 Race Bike

Year :2011

Mileage : 2800

Colour : Black/Red

Extras :
Full Tag motor.
kit oil pump.
Separate oil/water heat exchanger.
manual tensioner.
Arrow stage 3 system.
Kit loom.
Kit Air
kit ignition.
kit ecu.
QA throttle
Quick shifter.(strain gauge type)
Factory Showa rear.
PLR (Ktec)front.
Sprint damper.
accossato master cylinder (remote span adj).
GB Frame and engine protection.
Wets on wheels.
Spare fairings.
Gearing for all circuit’s and roads.

Overall Bike Condition : She’s a bang tidy example, am willing to run her on a dyno of your choice before purchase

Tyre/Chain/Sprocket Condition : All Good

Service History/Receipts/Recent Service work : Rebuilt 2013

Non Restricted/Shop Restricted/Factory Restricted :

Bike Location : Newry/Banbridge

Irish/English Registered : Unregistered

Any Other Relevant Info :

I’m looking for a Super twin so would be willing to Px for the right bike, money either way. Photos on request text or send me your e mail. I will try and get some on this site over this weekend but I am a tecno knobhead so it may take some time.

Contact details: Dave +44 (0)7767271319

Price : £5250 ono Sterling

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For Sale : Exhaust can and rear hugger for suzuki sv k5

For Sale : Exhaust can and rear hugger for suzuki sv k5

I have a viper can great condition bar couple scraps around the hanger they should wets and and polish out….it has a great sound fairly loud but not annoyingly loud..€50

also rear hugger here for a suzuki does have a few small cracks and a chipped at the back,,shown in pics.€20

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Lane splitting

Lane splitting

Today on the M50 on the way home, a lad on what i thought was a bandit passed me while lane splitting. I was doing about 100kph which meant he was obviously doing quite a bit more. I feared the worst with watching him drive the way he was, to find further up the road, my fears were realised. Without getting into details of him, id like to know the common opinion, are bikers that split lanes at 100kph just nuts and stupid or do people think its an acceptable way to ride?
Noone likes to see a fello biker down so hope he’s alright.
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One for the couriers….best handlebar muffs….

One for the couriers….best handlebar muffs….

no fecker will give me a free set (:lbhbh::lbhbh:) after me giving me last 2 sets away for nowt, so gonna buy a set.
Which are the best to get lads?

I think the first set I had where Givi and they were great iirc. 2nd set where oxford, not so good, fecking lethal on the er6n, basically made the front brake lever redundant!

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Brainfart on the bike

Brainfart on the bike

Anyone ever had one? coming along the keys today outside lane behind a 4×4 doing the obligartory 30kph, big a*** truck beside it in then middle lane blocking everything, I though f*** it is that the time and slipped across 2 lanes to the bus lane then it almost hit me…..bus stopped not 10 feet ahead s***! couple of dropped heartbeats and some manouvering around the bus I went… had I of had that brainfart 2 secs later I was into the back of that bus like a fly on a windscreen :woots:……lesson learnt for the day never make any moves if you can’t see the f***ing road road ahead……11 years on a bike and still learning everyday :bag:
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For Sale : GSXR 750 Srad

For Sale : GSXR 750 Srad

Bike Make : Suzuki

Bike Model : Gsxr 750 SRAD

Year : 1998

Price : €1300 (no offers or swaps)

Mileage : 78k kilometers or 48k miles

Colour : Black and silver

Extras : Yoshi can, crash mushrooms

Overall Bike Condition : good condition for age. Low speed drop by previous owner on left hand side- see pics

Tyre/Chain/Sprocket Condition : Front 75%, rear 95% – New Michelin 2ct’s, chain and spocket 70%

Service History/Receipts/Recent Service work : Service this june 2014- included oil, filter, coolant.

Valves checked- (didn’t need adjustment), and fork seals replaced.

Non Restricted/Shop Restricted/Factory Restricted : Non

Bike Location : Celbridge Kildare

Irish/English Registered :Irish

Any Other Relevant Info : Bike is mechanically perfect need to sell as have another bike in mind and need the room. Just had the valves clearances done and the fork seals done. Does have a few scrapes and scratches as can be seen in photos and also needs a left hand mirror. Glass not broken but hole in back.

Great bike- wont let you down. Would suit a beginner to superbikes, someone looking for a winter hack or someone looking to start track days

Contact details:

Call 085 2871289

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