For Sale : Jumping Jacks

For Sale : Jumping Jacks

have these in the shop and thought they would be of interest to you lot

Click the image to open in full size.

this is the small one at €94 (€85 to so make sure you say)

this is me testing it out on my TL1000

for anyone heading to TT or a rally ect and camping think how handy this would be to keep your phone/camera charged

the bigger supermax (€150/€ can charge a phone at least 5 times and do two at a time (ive ran my laptop off it for 5 hours straight) this is the one to have for the TT:thumbsup2:
anyone who works with cages the supermax can start up to a 3.0 Diesel

i also use the small one in the garage when working on the bikes say your doing something with the lights just hook this up to the battery and you dont need to keep the motor running (bigger one will do it for a lot longer)

there are cheaper ones out there but mine come with a years warranty and some of you know where i live :lbhbh:

have them in stock at JDs Lawnmowers in Longford in by supervalue or i have a few at the house

if you want one call

Jamie 0868860926/0433397581 (shop)
Dave 0879181432

we will post em out via courier for €8

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