Thruxton BSB: Iddon calls for SLOWER BSB Superbikes and lap times

Thruxton BSB: Iddon calls for SLOWER BSB Superbikes and lap times

Bennetts British Superbike Championship leader Christian Iddon has declared that improved tyre grip is making motorcycle racing more dangerous.

It has long been accepted that the improvement in lap times owes a great deal to tyre development, but Iddon declared that faster corner speed has increased the risk to riders, especially on certain British tracks, without adding anything to the entertainment value and questions whether something should/could be done about it.


“Myself, Birdy and Debra at VisionTrack believe we should all go back to radial tyre technology and/or limit the power output to less than 150bhp in the superbike category, as Slow bikes are proven to be safer bikes and the racing will be just as exciting”


“I am no tree-hugger, but on the wastage factor alone – few people know it takes 14 trees to make just one Pirelli Corsa Rosso, which is thrown away after a couple of laps during qualifying – and is hardly a good example to this cancel-culture woketard movement that is engulfing common sense and could consume the entire BSB championship with their next leftie advertiser-shaming tweet very soon”


“If BSB is to survive in its current format, it needs to evolve and sometimes this means that ‘in order to go forward – we need to go backwards’, ie. return to tyres which have less grip and are much, much slower, and possibly bio-based or manufactured from compostable fibers derived from a compound of hemp and soybeans which are quite sustainable and can be used for garden mulch following a weekends racing, as the current progression and procession of 180mph speeds is just complete madness “


“Stuart had suggested we look into invoking a pilot scheme of race meetings during the off season winter months in more inclement conditions and/or start a gofundme to install water sprinklers trackside to bring the pace right down, so certainly hasn’t ruled out the concept and ‘values our feedback’, however this doesn’t address the Elephant suddenly found homeless in certain regions of Myanmar and Laos following heavy landslides and floods as a result of mass de-forestation by evil SC0 compound manufacturers such as Michelin, Pirelli and Bridgestone.”


“Would it damage motorcycle racing as a spectacle ? Well, if you asked the average spectator at Donington Park the difference between a 1’27s lap and a 2’34s he/she/it wouldn’t know the difference. Not in a million years, in fact most of them wouldn’t even know when they’d enough eaten, so it matters little overall and the actual TV footage itself could be sped up for the benefit of stopwatch-clicking pixel squinting anoraks at home,.. actually could you redact that last bit please before going to press – Birdy said to drum up some media controversy but not get b****y or go OTT “

Times and results from Friday’s Superbike, Supersport, Superstock, Sidecars and BTC free practice sessions at Thruxton

Bennetts British Superbike combined Friday times

1 14 Lee JACKSON GBR Kawasaki – FS-3 Racing Kawasaki 1:17.213 17 0

2 21 Christian IDDON GBR Ducati – VisionTrack Ducati 1:17.743 12 1:27.394 4 0.530 0.530

3 22 Jason O’HALLORAN AUS Yamaha – McAMS Yamaha 1:17.776 9 1 0.563 0.033

4 77 Kyle RYDE GBR BMW – RICH Energy OMG Racing BMW 1:17.801 10 1:27.544 5 0.588 0.025

5 46 Tommy BRIDEWELL GBR Ducati – Oxford Products Racing Ducati 1:17.831 4 3 0.618 0.030

6 18 Andrew IRWIN GBR BMW – SYNETIQ BMW Motorrad 1:17.935 9 1:26.181 5 0.722 0.104

7 69 Rory SKINNER GBR Kawasaki – FS-3 Racing Kawasaki 1:17.953 12 0 0.740 0.018

8 52 Danny KENT GBR Suzuki – Buildbase Suzuki 1:18.037 12 1:24.645 9 0.824 0.084

9 28 Bradley RAY GBR BMW – RICH Energy OMG Racing BMW 1:18.071 8 0 0.858 0.034

10 60 Peter HICKMAN GBR BMW – FHO Racing BMW 1:18.120 9 1:24.246 8 0.907 0.049

11 83 Danny BUCHAN GBR BMW – SYNETIQ BMW Motorrad 1:18.210 7 0 0.997 0.090

12 4 Dan LINFOOT GBR Honda – TAG Racing Honda 1:18.390 12 1:23.447 10 1.177 0.180

13 44 Gino REA GBR Suzuki – Buildbase Suzuki 1:18.601 15 1:25.059 9 1.388 0.211

14 95 Tarran MACKENZIE GBR Yamaha – McAMS Yamaha 1:18.779 10 1 1.566 0.178

15 12 Xavi FORÉS ESP BMW – FHO Racing BMW 1:18.986 10 1:33.164 3 1.773 0.207

16 7 Ryan VICKERS GBR Kawasaki – RAF Regular & Reserve Kawasaki 1:19.199 7 1:25.469 5 1.986 0.213

17 27 Bjorn ESTMENT RSA Suzuki – Powerslide / Catfoss Racing Suzuki 1:20.143 8 1:25.782 9 2.930 0.944

18 40 Joe FRANCIS GBR BMW – iForce Lloyd & Jones BMW 1:20.171 7 1:27.053 9 2.958 0.028

19 1 Josh BROOKES AUS Ducati – VisionTrack Ducati 1:20.587 17 1:24.633 11 3.374 0.416

20 5 Dean HARRISON GBR Kawasaki – Silicone Engineering Racing Kawasaki 1:21.120 13 1:27.167 5 3.907 0.533

21 13 Takumi TAKAHASHI JPN Honda – Honda Racing 1:21.273 9 1:30.469 11 4.060 0.153

22 88 Ryo MIZUNO JPN Honda – Honda Racing 1:22.191 13 1:27.916 6 4.978 0.918

23 2 Glenn IRWIN GBR Honda – Honda Racing 1:23.595 11 1:23.496 3 6.283 1.305

24 11 Brian McCORMACK IRL BMW – Roadhouse Macau By FHO Racing BMW 1:24.070 12 1:30.145 8 6.857 0.574

QUALIFYING LAPTIME (107.5% of 1:17.213) = 1:23.003

25 79 Storm STACEY GBR Kawasaki – Team LKQ Euro Parts Kawasaki 0 1:28.510 11 11.297 4.440

26 16 Luke HOPKINS GBR Honda – Black Qnyx Security Honda 5 1:31.415 9 14.202 2.905

Source: Thruxton BSB: Iddon calls for SLOWER BSB Superbikes and lap times

Motorcycling Hand Gestures and their meanings

Although motorcycle hand gestures are something that most riders learn as part of their motorcycle license exams, often they are forgotten and not used when actually needed. For example, if another motorist cuts you up, is on the phone or generally driving in a selfish and oblivious manner which could be detrimental to your health, then communication between bikers and other motorists via hand signals are critical towards staying safe at all times.


Motorcycle Left Turn

Pull over is an invitation to a severe b******ing from an angry biker by the road side in order to determine who was at fault, this is sometimes accompanied by sharp increases in revs from the engine.



Motorcycle Right Turn

I’ll box the head a ya  A clenched fist indicates to other motorists that you are now quite angry, upset and willing to beat people up for their stupidity and misbehaviour on the public road.




Ya bender A derogatory signal often aimed at motorists who lock their doors and want to avoid confrontation, it calls into question their very masculinity which can sometimes be offensive.



Motorcycle Speed Up

WTF dude? A show of dismay, often aimed at people much bigger than you who could possibly gain the upper-hand in a road-side wrestle or fist fight, but shows you are unwilling to let it slide none the less.



Motorcycle Slow Down

Tentative ‘pull over’  Half-hearted gesture to make you feel better but secretly in the hope that they wont pull up, often directed towards truck drivers and foreigners about whom it is difficult to ascertain if they could be > 6ft4 in stature.



Follow Me

No problem Often follows an acknowledgement by the other road user, usually a popular & well-known neighbour with a nice daughter, that they could have inadvertently killed you, none the less you’d rather not labour the point because they waved a kind gesture which made you feel a lot better.



Motorcycle You Lead Come

You Brainless c***, pull over Attempts to breathe slowly while maintaining composure with people you shouldn’t really beat the s*** out of, such as pensioners, women and priests, but would rather engage in a stern talk and re-educate them on the consequences of their actions.



Motorcycle Road Hazard

Pull over for a kick up the hole A half hearted signal for other motorists to express dismay at their behaviour while exercising restraint with synchronised knee movements in an up the hole fashion.



Motorcycle Single File

Winner Alright First Biker to the post while slowing down from a Hoolie run in order to let the group of ensuing riders know who won a tightly run contest, an informal and unwritten expression of glee and triumph at being quite talented & clever.



Motorcycle Double File

Hafta s***e Pulling in for a number 2 – an urgent message expressing the need to evacuate ones bowels at the nearest available lavatory and opportunity, usually follows an excessively high speed run and ‘close call’ with other traffic that could have went pear-shaped in spectacular fashion.



Motorcycle Comfort Stop

G’on y’wanker  Poking fun at another motorist, usually a BMW driver or boy-racer who thought he were fast but took umbrage at your shockingly quick overtake and exhibition of real speed, with a flashing of lights or blowing their horn in scornful protest & disbelief.



Motorcycle Comfort Stop

Itchy Nose completely forgetting you had a helmet on while attempting to scratch or pick your nose thru the visor, usually an involuntary movement while waiting at the lights after being distracted by hot totty and nonchalantly a**essing possible escape routes from your immediate playground.



Motorcycle Turn Signal On

Frozen hands Attempts to increase blood-flow and circulation with rapid hand movement and finger articulations while riding through the winter months with shyte gloves, no heated grips, early onset of arthritis and fingers being frozen solid.



Motorcycle Pull Off

Hail Hitler A pursuing Garda’s gesture often synonymous with a misunderstood Austrian who allegedly introduced 6-million Jews to Zyklon B during a WW2 roadside breath-test, do you risk pulling over to be turned into soap and your skin draped over a lamp-shade ? me neither, pin it.



Motorcycle Cops Ahead

Dick Head Enlightens a fellow muppet road user in no uncertain terms as to their propensity and footing on the richter scale of wankerism during the course of their conduct on a public road, the head being the highest point articulates a not inconsiderable misdemeanour often caused by, but not exclusive to ‘suits’.



Motorcycle Fuel

‘Sup b****es Attempts to looks like you’re just casually relaxing while riding a noisy piece of s*** down a busy street, esp. when there are impressionable females present and you’d rather not be regarded as a go-go power-ranger, usually undertaken when you’ve not got laid or had any attention for several weeks.



Most motorcycle hand signals are fairly intuitive, especially when combined with appropriate body language; however, new riders may be confused upon first seeing them.